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Three pack foot switch XF-88

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Three pack foot switch XF-88

·Heavy-duty electrical device
·Momentary foot switch, single pedal, 10A 250V
·Aluminium-formed housing material
·protective cover protects a stepped foot
·IP65 Protection degree
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Kinds of shell's material for choice,such as engineering plastic,steel panel,aluminium alloy,etc
Metal shell use the stregenthening to reast the surfase,bears the impact, the wearability,thermostable;
Cable lock-in jacket is made for the cable coming out and it is waterproof grease proofing;
Switch bottom is equipped with the rubber pad,for skidproof;
Widely used for control in industrial automation equipments,transport, pressing medical treatment,test and etc.


Basic parameters

Contact resistance 25mΩ(initial value) 
OF max. 100mΩ(Above) DC500V 
RF min. ≥2000VAC
PT max. 1,000,000above 
OT min. 100,000above
MD max.  -20~+70°C 
OP ≤85%

Model& Meanings1Contact Forms1


1Application attentions

According to the difference of load and current value,rated load should be taken note.Current value of this series is 10A、15A and 16A When transporting and moving.pls take note of the short circuit or open circuit may happen in internal wiring.
Please take note of the level of protection when used in water,oil and bug dust. This series has protective type and unprotective type; The immediate cause for broken is stress and attack.please payattention
Warning markDanger!High Voltage!'andTake note!' remind us pay attention to personnel safety and correctly operation.

IP65 Protection degree
Momentary foot switch
We could not find any corresponding parameters, please add them to the properties table

Push button foot switch is widely used in medical equipment, stamping equipment, welding equipment, textile equipment and printing machinery.

Applications in the electronic industry, such as Xiaogang, in the configuration of terminal machine, there are automatic and inching. Inching is the application of foot switch. Step on it, a journey. A simple foot switch is actually a built-in travel switch. When the foot gives a signal, the switch executes.

Internal structure of push-button foot switch: there are two groups of contacts, one is normally open and the other is normally closed. When we step down, the normally open point of the foot switch is closed, which is similar to the start button. Press down to close.

Normally closed contact. When we step on the foot switch, the normally closed point is disconnected, which is similar to the stop button. Press it to disconnect.

Push button foot switch controls the motor: the main circuit breaker enters the main contact of the three-phase contactor, and the outlet of the contactor enters the motor.

Control circuit contactor coil A1 connects a wire in parallel from the contactor, and then we connect a wire in parallel from the circuit breaker into single P, out into the normally open point of the foot switch, and out into contactor coil A2.

When applying push-button foot switch, it should be noted that:

1. The rated load of the product should be determined by the nature of the load and the magnitude of the current value.

2. In the process of handling and moving, pay attention to the short circuit and open circuit of internal wiring.

3. If the place itself has a large amount of water, oil or dust, pay attention to the protection grade of the product.

4. Heavy pressure and impact button foot switch are easy to cause damage to the foot switch, so pay attention to the application mode.

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