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Three phase AC solid state relay XSSR-3DA4840

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Three phase AC solid state relay XSSR-3DA4840

Solid State Relay (SSR for short) is a non-contact switch composed of microelectronic circuits, discrete electronic devices, and power electronic power devices. The isolation device is used to realize the isolation between the control terminal and the load terminal. The input end of the solid state relay uses a tiny control signal to directly drive a large current load.
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Solid state relays
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The working principle of three-phase solid-state relay is that when the appropriate control signal in is applied at the input end, the p-type SSR will be turned on immediately.

When the in is cancelled and the load current is lower than the bidirectional thyristor maintenance current (AC commutation), the SSR is turned off.

The Z-type SSR includes a zero crossing detection circuit. When the input signal in is applied, the SSR can be turned on only when the load power supply voltage reaches the zero crossing area, which may cause the maximum delay of half a cycle of the power supply.

The off condition of Z-type SSR is the same as that of p-type, but it is widely used because the working current of load is similar to sine wave and the interference of high-order harmonic is small. Due to different output devices, SSR of Beijing Lingtong electronics company can be divided into ordinary type (s, bidirectional thyristor) and enhanced type (HS, unidirectional thyristor).

When an inductive load is applied, the bidirectional thyristor is turned on before the input signal is cut off T1, and the current lags behind the power supply voltage 90o (pure induction). At time T1, the input control signal is cancelled, and the bidirectional thyristor is turned off when it is less than the maintenance current (T2), and the thyristor will bear the reverse voltage with high voltage rise rate DV / dt.

The three-phase solid-state relay has high applicable life and is very reliable. The solid-state relay has no mechanical parts, and the contact function is completed by solid devices. Because there are no moving parts, it can work in the environment of high impact and vibration. Due to the inherent characteristics of the components constituting the solid-state relay, the solid-state relay has long service life and high reliability.

Three phase solid state relay has high sensitivity, low control power and good electromagnetic compatibility.

The input voltage range of solid-state relay is wide and the driving power is low. It can be compatible with most logic integrated circuits without adding buffer or driver.

Because the three-phase solid-state relay adopts solid devices, the switching speed can range from a few milliseconds to a few microseconds.

The three-phase solid-state relay has no input "coil" and no contact arcing and bounce, thus reducing electromagnetic interference.

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